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Nexus DCS Level 3a Soft Armour Front, Back & Sides
Nexus DCS Level 3a Soft Armour Front, Back & SidesNexus DCS Level 3a Soft Armour Front, Back & Sides
Nexus Body Armour
Item Code: NEX-DCS-3a-FBS

Nexus DCS Level 3a Soft Armour Front, Back & Sides

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Soft Armour Ballistic Test Certificate PDF Download

Nexus Soft Armour utilises SB51 Dyneema Fabrics. Dyneema is unidirectional fabric which gives greater stopping power when compared to woven Aramid fabrics. Due to the high energy absorption caused by its unique directional construction, Nexus soft armour solution results in shallower and wider backface deformation. This results in the end user receiving far less Blunt Trauma Injury.
Dyneema is not affected by water, however all panels are heat sealed inside a protective cover for additional water repellency and protection against sunlight. Made in the UK.
Stops the following:
6 x shots of 9mm FMJ RN at 436m/s
6 x shots of .357 SIG at 448m/s
6 x shots of .44 Mag SJHP at 436m/s
A V50 Fragmentation of 630m/s in accordance to Stanag 2920 addition to using 1.1g FSP
Side Panel 0.2kg x 2 Front Panel 0.45kg Back Panel 0.45kg   Total Weight 1.3kg (2.86lbs)
Price is for Front Back and 2 x Side Panels Only, does not include DCS Carrier.
Nexus Soft Armour combines 2 elements very rarely found in commercial Armour. Nexus panels are NIJ level IIIa approved, and have a V-50 Fragmentation rating in excess of 630 meters per second (630 m/s). This means that Nexus Soft Armour is capable of stopping 9mm handgun and 9mm Sub ( MP5 ) at higher velocity. Although Soft Armour will stop a projectile the degree of energy that is absorbed by the body, known as the Back Face Signature, is far less in Nexus Soft Armour, NIJ level IIIa permits up to 44 mm of energy absorbtion ( this usually results in bad bruising and even broken bones ) our Nexus panels on average reduce this effect to only 25 mm of back face signature. In addition Nexus Soft Armour has a V-50 in excess of 630 m/s which is 30% greater than standard Nato issue ( eg Osprey Panels ) this means that Nexus Soft Armour gives very high levels of protection against the impact of shrapnel from I.E.Ds and Grenades as well as greater ballistic protection against small arms and 9mm Sub Machine Gun (MP5)