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Warrior 901 Elite 4 MultiCam

Warrior Elite Ops 901 Chest Rig Base With Zip - MultiCam
Warrior Elite Ops Large Admin Panel with Pouch MultiCam
Warrior Double Open 5.56mm MultiCam
Warrior Medium MOLLE Utility MultiCam
Warrior Single Open 5.56mm MultiCam
Warrior Elite Ops Small Utility/Medic Pouch MultiCam
Warrior Strobe Compass Pouch MultiCam
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Warrior 901 Elite 4 MultiCam Description

Please note that if you purchased a Warrior 901 Chest Rig or Centurion BEFORE January 2013 that it will not be compatible with the Warrior Back Panel.

Elite Ops 901 Elite 4 is set up on the 901 Front Opening (Patent Pending) MOLLE Platform which has revolutionised the use of the modern Chest platform. The 901 base has always been the basis for all the 901 rigs, and we all know how good this kit is when used in an SF Role, the only draw back has been that you need your buddy to help you fit it correctly before each Op. Thats why Warrior with the help of current SF Operators have introduced this varient, which is a front opening system comprising a heavy duty size 10 zip, 2 inch full velcro closure and backed up by 3 press studs for additional security, this allows the user to get in and out of the rig at speed and without any assistance. This is the latest vesion with 3 D Spacer Mesh Lining for comfort and cooling, the new wider upper folding section is now 6 MOLLE loops wide allowing larger items such as Command Panels to be attached. This wider upper section now also allows a 10 x 12 Inch Ballistic Plate to be worn, turning the 901 into a versatile low profile Armour Carrier.
The Warrior Elite Ops 901 Elite 4 comprises of;
4 x Open Mag Pouches
2 x Molle Utility Pouches
1 x Large Admin Pouch with 2 pockets and Torch Pouch
1 x Strobe/Compass Pouch
Also compatible with Warrior's Back Panel (sold seperately).

Warrior 901 Elite 4 MultiCam Specs

Please note as of the 1st of July 2013 Warrior is now using Crye Precision Approved Murdock Webbing on all its MultiCam Products.

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