Warrior MBITR Radio Pouch Gen 2 Coyote Tan
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Warrior MBITR Radio Pouch Gen 2 Olive Drab

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Warrior MBITR Radio Pouch Gen 2 Olive Drab Description

This Folding MBITR Pouch is designed to be worn with the radio controls facing the operator allowing easy access to the control buttons program indicators and digital screen. Fits PRC-148 radio. 2 Inch Elastic on the front panel alows a C.A.T to be carried and accessed quickly, the side of the pouch has 4 x Elastic loops which can be used for Chemlights and or 12 gauge shotgun shell rounds for breaching, MOE.
Attaches to 2 Molle Rows, comes with 2 x Molle Arm attachments.
Made from Solution Dyed I.R. 500D Cordura Fabric, with Solution Dyed I.R. US Mil Spec Webbing and Mil Spec Threads.