Survival Bracelet Cobra Olive Green
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Survival Paracord Bracelet Cobra Olive Green


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Survival Paracord Bracelet Cobra Olive Green Description

emergency cord reserve: 3 m




The bracelet is made of solid paracord 550 Type III which neither rots nor reacts to UV lights. It is also resistant to mildew and has a breaking strength of 250kg.

By unweaving the bracelet you can get additional 3m of paracord that subsequently can be used in different situations. 

The clasp we use is multifunctional as well and is complemented by a whistle, flint, and compass.

Using the whistle you can make an acoustic signal to ask for help or scare off wild animals.

The compass will be helpful in orienteering while the flint can be used to start a fire.

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