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UK Tactical Kit Suppliers of Military Gear and Clothing

About UK Tactical

UK Tactical was formed in order to meet a demand by military based professionals for the most up to date tactical equipment of the highest standards. All of our products have proven themselves operationally in the real world and have been chosen by us because they are amongst the best choices to get the job done when it counts the most.

Our product selection criteria are based on functionality, reliability and quality, with emphases on value for money. We offer a wide diversity of products and are constantly striving to improve and expand our product lines in order to offer our customers the best choices. If we do not stock a particular item we will be more than happy to source the product on your behalf.


Our staff and consultants have a broad based background in the Armed Forces and are highly qualified with many years of military and law enforcement experience between them. Their areas of expertise vary from military Special Forces units to Police Tactical units from both the UK and the U.S.A.


UK Tactical sells specialist military equipment internationally at a government level and to individual military personnel from around the world. We also retail to private individuals operating in the security industry for example PSD Operators in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recently we have decided to accept orders from Milsim professionals within the UKs Airsoft community who require quality equipment.

We are also the UK distributors for a number of manufacturers including the full range of Warrior Assault Systems, Oakley, 5.11, Crye Precision, Clawgear, Lowa, Source, and many more brands.

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