Warrior Elite Ops RPC Plate Carrier MK3 - MultiCam
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Warrior Elite Ops RPC Plate Carrier MK3 - MultiCam

Warrior Single Quick Mag MultiCam
Warrior Recon Plate Carrier SAPI - MultiCam
Warrior RPC Ladder Sides Large MultiCam
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Warrior Elite Ops RPC Plate Carrier MK3 - MultiCam Description

The RPC Carrier MK3 With 3x SQM Mag Pouches

The RPC is the latest evolution of plate carriers from Warrior Assault Systems. Designed to be a lightweight and versatile low profile armour carrier, offering enhanced mobility without compromising protection.

The RPC has been developed to hold medium and large SAPI and ESAPI stand alone plates and the most common 10” x 12“  I.C.W. plates available. Plate pockets have been backed with 3D mesh for added ballistic performance, comfort and dispersal of body heat. The Recon Plate Carrier comes standard with ladder style cummerbunds that attach to the RPCs front via 2 removable ITW SR Clips. This allows rapid access when getting in and out of the RPC (ITW SR Clips have a combined breaking strength of 600lbs  per side). The RPCs shoulders can be worn in 3 different configurations as a slick low profile with the addition of velcro padded shoulders and wrap around sleeve for hydration and comms channeling.

The RPC Carrier comes as standard with 3 x Warrior Quick Mags which are attached to a removable MOLLE Front Panel which clips on to the front of Warrior’s Recon Plate Carrier (RPC) via the 2 Vertical QASM clips. Warrior's Single Quick Mag is a versatile multi-purpose magazine pouch which holds a variety of 5.56mm magazines including P-Mags. The Warrior Assault Systems Quick Mag Pouch can also hold 7.62mm x 39mm AK mags, M14, FAL, etc. Warrior's new Pathfinder Chest Rig can also be attached as an alternative. The RPC integrates with Warrior’s new Back Panel

Size adjustment of the Quick Mags is by way of laced elastic shock cord which is threaded through the side of the pouch.

Comes with optional bungee retention tabs as seen on the Warrior Assault Systems Open Mag Pouches for operators requiring additional security of their magazines.

Made from Genuine US Mil Spec Materials and Hardware.

Size Medium: Will fit up to a size 45" (114cm) chest.

Size Large: Will fit Chest sizes 45" (114cm) to 52" (132cm)


The RPC removable MOLLE Front Panel that houses the Quick Mags has 3 rows of MOLLE webbing which allows you to attach any mission specific pouches, as your role or task changes. Simply remove your TMOP Panel and quickly interchange your panels for the required set up in seconds.

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